Environmental monitoring

River Lake is experienced in all aspects of environmental monitoring and reporting including design, implementation, data analysis, reporting and review. We assist with monitoring for state of environment reporting, investigations to assess potential effects of activities, consent compliance monitoring and investigations to understand system processes.

We undertake monitoring and analysis results from a range of techniques and tools including:


  • Fish sampling using nets, electric fishing and spot lighting
  • Aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling
  • Macrophyte surveys
  • Periphyton cover and biomass monitoring
  • Habitat surveys
  • Water quality sampling of rivers, lakes and estuaries
  • Ecosystem metabolism calculations using diurnal dissolved oxygen monitoring
  • Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) to help quantify ecological values and potential compensation for loss
  • Estuary algal cover estimates
  • Estuary infauna and epifauna surveys. 

Catchment investigations

We undertake investigations to understand the water quality and ecological processes occurring in rivers, lakes and estuaries. This helps us predict how a waterbody will respond to changes actives and in pressures.

Resource consents and hearings

River Lake prepares assessments of environmental effects (AEEs) on behalf of applicants and reviews AEEs on behalf of consent authorities.  We work closely with planners, engineers, hydrologists and other scientists to ensure our reports are robust, integrated and fit for purpose.

Keith has considerable experience as an independent expert witness at hearings for resource consents and plan changes. He is engaged to provide advice for both applicants and for consenting authorities.

Hearing commissioner

Keith Hamill has completed the Ministry for the Environment Making Good Decisions programme and is a certificated RMA hearing commissioner. He is available to be an independent commissioner for resource consent or plan hearing panels where water quality or ecology technical expertise is helpful.